How-to Make the Most out of your Living Space

Whether you have just moved or simply want to revamp your current living space, here at Kolter Homes, we have created solutions that will help inspire you in this decorating process.

Vertical Space

Often times we get caught up in the physical, floor space. However, the untapped area left is vertical space. Drawing the eye up allowing the room to feel more expansive while showcasing your impeccable style, are just some reasons why vertical space is important to utilize.

Choose elements that create drama and depth: Mirrors and glass frames create reflections allowing other areas of your room to be highlighted and visible in addition to creating more depth.  Hang curtains from the ceiling to allow for maximum light to enter. This also adds more height and drama to the room. By placing decorative vases, plants, or pictures on top of tall cabinets and bookshelves tricks the eye by creating an impression of expansiveness while showing off distinctive decorative pieces. Placing corkboards or framed chalkboards in bedrooms, hallways, and kitchens is a creative way to leave notes and lists. In closets, offices, and bathrooms, built-in shelves are great for functionality and practical as well.



The new trend in furniture isn’t oversized and stuffy; it’s making every piece count.  By finding items that have more than one use, you can embrace change with a stylish flair.

Choose elements that are multi-functional: Get a table that works as both a desk and dining room table. An extra seat, small table, and secret hiding place can be found in a storage ottoman. You can also invest in pieces that can transform your room when rearranging such as folding chairs, flip-flop tables, or nesting tables.

This is also time to let your creativity flow. For example, using two small round tables instead of one big coffee table creates a different, more-modern feel. If you have a den or guest suite in your house, finding a daybed or deep sofa that can double as a guest bed allows for more freedom and functionality.


Create Zones

Work, sleep, eat, entertain, and relax – these are all activities we do in our home. Without realizing it, our routine is set in stone with no invigorating change insight. Simply establishing separate zones for each of those daily activities can revive and refresh us and our living space by creating a new look and feel.

Choose elements that match but function differently: Subtle wall and floor decorations, multiple seating areas, or a perfectly placed chair can all evoke separate “rooms” within one room.